Orlando Ballet Hosts “Neon Club” For Special Needs Community


Life… One way or the other, we are all living it. Some of us live care free and some of us live a life of worry. There are those who live lavishly, while others live sparingly. Whatever the circumstances, we all have one thing in common; we just want to be happy. Everyone has different wants and different needs. And for some, they may require special care and have special needs. That is where the “Neon Club” dance event comes in.

DJ G Clef


DJ G Clef and G Clef Productions Inc. has been providing the Neon Club dance with DJ entertainment for the past 14 years. The Neon Club is a bi-monthly dance event that was designed with the Orlando special needs community in mind. The event is a relaxed atmosphere where party goers can dance their troubles away, while mingling with friends and family.


Each and every Neon dance event has a specific theme tagged to it. Party goers look forward to the first and third Friday to dress up for the theme of that specific dance. Some party themes throughout the year are Elvis Night, Motown Night and Summer Prom. Although the playlist is customized to fit the evening’s theme, DJ G Clef plays a mixture of music for all to enjoy! Everything from the 1950’s to today’s current top 40 hits can be heard bumping through the speakers. And I just have to say, the term “party goer” is a mild description. These guys and gals party like rock stars. When the beat drops… It’s On!!! No one suffers from down syndrome. They only suffer from “Get Down” syndrome!


Last week, we got to meet Neon Club attendees and their chaperones, as well as some of the Loch Haven staff. We even had the pleasure of dancing with some of these party like a rock star party goers. There were quite a few people at the event, but from what we were told, the turnout was lighter than it usually is. That may have been due to the cooler temps that blew through the Orlando area, last week. Regardless, it was great to see everyone partying, having a good time, and still celebrating the holidays. Party goers travel from all over to attend this exciting event. Some drive their own cars. Some take public transportation provided by Lynx of Orlando, while others come in with chaperones. However the means of transportation, attendees make sure they get there! They even have their own Facebook group page: Neon Club Orlando Ballet


The Neon Club has been around for at least 35 years. It takes place every 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month at the Loch Haven Park Neighborhood Center in Orlando. Admission is only $1 and the event times are from 6:30p to 9p. The Orlando Ballet puts on a number of amazing performances throughout the year. So, take in a show and help support them in continuing this wonderful tradition. And for any Orlando residents or vacationers who may have family members with special needs, consider bringing them out to this fun, safe, and welcoming event. The next event will be Elvis Night on Friday, January 19th.

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