Sweeten Up Your Life With A Little Salt

We put salt on our chips and on our margarita glasses, so why would we scrub our bodies with it?


By Deanna Barowsky


An exfoliating salt scrub removes dead skin cells that can become hard. If left untreated, dead cells make the skin stiff and crusty. Exfoliation removes dry, flaky, dead skin and reveals the supple soft skin beneath. The pores are also left unclogged of dirt and bacteria that can build up over time. Salt also has antibacterial qualities, so it is helpful in maintaining bacteria free skin and preventing itchiness. The same abrasive friction between the salt and skin which causes exfoliation, also encourages the circulation of blood. This is what gives the skin an attractive and rosy post-scrub glow.


At Day Spa of Oviedo, our salt scrub is a blend of therapeutic dead sea salts, natural loofah, essential oils and minerals that reduce inflammation and replenish tired dry skin. The process of removing dead skin and dirt also encourages the regeneration of new skin cells. The body is stimulated to produce new healthy skin cells which tightens and firms the skin making it look younger and firmer. All of these benefits combine so that after you’ve had a salt scrub, your skin will be cleaner, softer, rejuvenated, and radiant. So make some time to add some sweet salt therapy to your life. You can still eat the chips and rim your margarita glasses, but until you’ve experienced a Day Spa of Oviedo salt scrub you’ll never really know how sweet salt can be. Book your appointment today!

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(Excludes acupuncture and microneedling)


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